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Why the fuck me ?

2011-08-21 14:48:30 by Kuroneko-san

Can someone stop TheShadling commenting shit on my art ?
I blocked him. Why can he still comment on them ?


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2011-08-21 16:00:20

Because being able to block someone from leaveing a comment or review just because you don't like them is retarded. Its one of the stupidest features of dA. It lets artist block themselves off from valuable critique just because they think it is a user just being mean.

Although I will admit that his comments are useless and abusive. And I do acknowledge that if a comment should be blocked or removed, it should be his.
Collect a few links to your pieces with his absurd comments and pm them to a couple review mods and administrators.


2011-08-22 00:44:35

What this guy said


2011-08-22 03:38:00

He bad words, sexual harassment look like a horse feeling


2011-08-22 18:11:53

He's just angry at you because you're a little girl


2011-08-28 14:50:56

Hmm....A 13 year old Lolicon
I wish the police doesn't find out...

Kuroneko-san responds:

Whussat :'3 ?


2011-09-14 09:51:24

So...I'm 1 year older than you...


2011-09-14 09:55:56

And yeah I know "TheShading" I HATE his ART...I don't like think like that...


2011-10-04 16:44:33

Lolicon is a little girl, what i like :3


2011-10-22 15:38:15

Don't you know Shadman is the boogeyman?


2011-10-22 17:42:19

Hi!!!!!!!!! I would like to know which program you use to edit your pictures, I think you
first draw them, and when the picture is in the computer, you can edit it with the
program you use. And thanks for your attention to this. Bye!!!!!!!!!!


2011-11-30 23:33:51

His art is pretty gross


2011-12-24 00:50:26

I personally think that theshadling is a cool ass rebel, but people shouldn't be dicks like that, especially through the internet; it just looks like their taking out their anger on the inter web , since they can't in real life

lolicon is a type of manga or anime that consist on 15 or below of age having sex.